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Bye Bye FC Rapla
« am: 11. August 2021, 00:20:32 »
Hi everyone,

This is my first post in the forum because I am not a German speaker (I am spanish), but I wanted to say goodbye after so many seasons in Estland managing FC Rapla team (since 41, so 13).

I can say that it was a pleasure to compete with all of you in the National league and the "Pokal"

But the sad story of my team is that I never got a title... my best position in league has been second 3 times and I just played a final of pokal.

I have to say that maybe I was not the best trainer, as I could not get a single good player from my young people or amateur and my professional players are expensive and not the best ones, so as manager I failed too. Maybe it is because I can not read well the forums or guides in german.. maybe it is because I am not paying, who knows. But the fact is that every year the cash is coming down and the expectatives are not better.

So I think that it is time that a new manager brings my team to the top, so it will be my last season.

Best wishes and luck for all of you


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Re: Bye Bye FC Rapla
« Antwort #1 am: 11. August 2021, 07:57:10 »
Hi kairouan,

i happy to hear from you the first time at this place.
Also i am sad to hear you leaving your club.
Will we keep yo at KSM or will you stop to play the game?
I hope you stay at KSM.
KSM isnt pay to win and there are many other interessting clubs worth a good manager like you are.


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Re: Bye Bye FC Rapla
« Antwort #2 am: 11. August 2021, 21:34:38 »
Hi Kairouan,

so now that you have discovered the pleasure of the Forum it is impossible that you could leave the game...!!! ;)

No, serious! I can really understand the feeling you have but still, if you consider perhaps talking to us folks even if we´re german :scherzkeks:
I believe we could help you out and you could find a way back to the game, perhaps with a different team?
If so, don´t hesitate to ask. If not just let me tell you that you did quite a good job, even without titles!

So, hope to read you soon!


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Re: Bye Bye FC Rapla
« Antwort #3 am: 12. August 2021, 23:37:30 »
Hi guys,

Thank you for your answers...
I discovered the game by my cousin, he is Austrian. But it is a long time that I do not talk with him and I think that he left the game too some months ago.

So I think that I deserve a break and lets see how is the future :) Maybe if he comes back I will too...

So, enjoy the game and maybe you will see me again with another team in the battle  :bia: